Perfecting your writing style requires a lot of practice, devotion, and attention to details. Besides creativity, writing also requires expertise in different writing styles, experience and streamlined skills. Not all audiences or writing styles can be covered with the same writing techniques you always use. There are various online tools that can turn you into a much better writer than you currently are. We made a list of the most effective websites you can use to improve your writing skills.

  1. This is the best citation generator on the internet today. Its intuitive platform allows you to create bibliographies, citations, and works cited lists in whatever referencing style you prefer. The system is comprehensive, fast, and accurate, so it will make your academic writing much more organized and effective.
  2. Paradigm Online Writing Assistant This website offers a free online handbook and interactive writing guide. The goal of its creators is to improve the user’s written communication skills and teach them how to develop efficient communication. If you need to improve your story-telling, arguing, communicating and convincing skills, this is the website for you. This tool will help you monitor your writing progress and analyze how you discover, organize, revise, edit and document your writing. Each section is completed with instructions that will help you get started and stay on track.
  3. Grammar Girl When it comes to grammar training websites, no one beats Grammar Girl. The friendly tone of instruction makes grammar something less scary and boring. This website will not only help you understand the effective grammar rules, but it will also inspire you to use words in different ways. Everyone, from students to refined writers, can use this website to make their writing more accurate from a grammar point of view.
  4. Common Errors in English Writers are not immune to the common errors English-language users make. Many writers who think they are brilliant fail to communicate effectively because they are using the wrong words. This website will enable you to avoid the ambiguity by providing you with alternatives and instructions on how to deal with certain instances.
  5. Online Creative Writing Courses Creative writing is something that comes from inner inspiration, but writers should learn how to express that inspiration in ways that will be captivating for their readers. The courses shown on this website are focused on various types of creative writing, including fiction, essay writing, and poetry. The learning resources from prestigious universities and colleges are the best way to improve your writing and find better ways of expressing your creative flow.
  6. Poynter Writing Tools This is an award-winning website that provides tools for writing improvement. Even mediocre writers can polish their skills and transform their styles by learning how to write news and stories with the help of this website.
  7. Oxford Dictionaries This website draws its resources from the well-known Oxford dictionary. Besides providing you with spelling and grammar guides and tips, this online tool will also improve your general writing skills by helping you realize the commonly mistaken instances.
  8. Copywriting 101 This free online tool can be used by both veteran and novice copywriters to work on improving their skills in copywriting. There are many copywriting bloggers that can help you advance such business, but this website is the most resourceful online tool that can take you to the next level and help you earn more money.
  9. Better Writing Skills You can use this awesome grammar tool to perfect your writing skills. This website’s learning manuals, tips and other resources will be very useful for your growth as a writer. Most resources are free, but some require a small fee.   

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Authored by:

Sandra Miller

Sandra Miller is freelance short story writer and graduate NYU, where she wrote for the students journal and tutored students in writing. She recommends authors use professional editing services. Now she is writing her first YA novel.

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