By Ramya Raju | January 10, 2014

Anyone and everyone has a cell phone these days. The ever growing use of Smartphone or mobile devices like tablets is resulting in an increase in mobile email too. According to a research, keeping in mind the target audience, product and type of email, mobile email constitutes 15 to 65% of email open rates. This behaviour makes an email inbox the basis of business communication.

Email continues to be the most preferred way for business communication because the most effective way to get your customer’s attention and market your business is to have him open your message in his inbox. When it comes to the activity on a Smartphone or tab, most users will open their email inbox even before browsing or logging on to Facebook. Keeping this in mind, a business has a golden opportunity to reach its target audience with email marketing messages courtesy the handheld devices that are used all the time.

How you can effectively make your email marketing mobile-friendly

Make the subscriber trust you

More often than not the first thing a user is bound to check when opening an email message is who the email is from. The sender of the email is most important when it comes to mobile and if the subscriber does not recognize or trust the sender of the email he is most likely to leave it unread or even delete the mail. Any kind of marketing exercise will thus prove to be futile if your email goes unread by the subscriber. It is therefore imperative to earn the subscriber’s trust, which begins even before you have sent him your first ever email. And email is not the only way to earn their trust – you can rather effectively do that via social media, offline marketing or other regular channels like advertising. Bear in mind that it is just as easy to lose your subscriber’s trust as it is to earn it.

Think through the subject line really well

The subject line is just as important in the email open rate as is the From Name. Of course, your target audience may not necessarily be aware of your identity and in that case you can still get their attention with a creative and persuasive subject line, which can be direct and descriptive. Whether your email finds itself read, unread, ignored or deleted depends on your subject line more than you can imagine.

Pay attention to the preheader

The preheader is the text that appears just above the header image. Also called the snippet text, this is the first portion of the text that is viewable on Smartphones particularly. Replace boring and mundane lines like ‘view this email in your browser’ with something more innovative and unique. You can always rely on clickable calls to action text or even open with something humorous to interest your subscriber.

Make your call to action bold and noticeable

Having a call to action that is unmistakable goes a long way in making your audience open the email. This is an important step not just for mobile-optimized emails but emails in general. So you need to make your call to action impressionable, big and bold. This is why real estate gets a lot of attention as far as Smartphone are concerned. Target audience will not bother looking for your call to action and will even ignore small links that are difficult to click on. So have a call to action that is big, clear and easy to click on.

The importance of RED – responsive email design

Your email template must be responsive-designed because this phenomenon is gaining momentum these days. Giving the user an optimized experience irrespective of the platform and design is an old practice on the internet but responsive-designed emails is the in thing because most Smartphone owners use email as their primary application. Of course, it is not an easy job to create responsive-designed email, but you can seek help from your email service provider or marketing automation vendor.

Make the email pictorial

Images are important in an email whether you are targeting a B2B or a B2C audience. So incorporate a fun or attractive image in your email but one that is relevant to your content and not just random. You can take advantage of the fact most Smartphone email clients have images set by default. Even though the user can deactivate them by going into settings but they usually don’t bother doing that. So you must think of an apt imagery to use in your email with the images set on by default.

Place the unsubscribe button smartly

To many users the unsubscribe button is very dear. As far as mobile devices are concerned it is important to consider the placement of ‘Unsubscribe’ link vis-à-vis other links in the email and make sure it is nowhere near the call to action link. Place the unsubscribe button too close to the call action link and the subscriber may just click on it and leave.


Given that no two subscribers are the same, the said tips may work for one and not for the other. To ensure that your email is opened on a Smartphone, remember what is best for your subscriber is the best practice for you. So test all of the above-mentioned tips.The mobile revolution is still way ahead of email marketing because most emails are still not optimized for viewing or interacting on mobile. There are smaller buttons and the subscriber needs to enlarge the screen and scroll around to view the email, which becomes so cumbersome. However, it still is the day of the mobile-friendly email marketing. These tips will help you optimize your email campaign for a cell phone or a tablet.

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