Part One: Choosing a Domain Name

 Like most of you out there I got slammed by Google’s obnoxious Penguin and that disgusting Panda! This happened last year. My high ranked websites were suddenly on the last page of 200 million results. If that was not enough my network of sites got hacked by some yahoo’s from India and I was thrown off Google! They would not listen. My Adsense income went to zero! Yikes!

I am now back on Google with very high rankings. I had to prove I was hacked and I did not put sexual ads on my sites. This is so you can understand that if I can overcome this and get high rankings so can you.

Unfortunately you have to play ball with Google if you want a chance to be ranked highly. Let’s face it we need Google. Google will always be number one. I do not believe the latest advertising on TV that more people prefer Bing to Google. With that said let’s help you get to the top of the search engines.

The most important thing you can possibly do is choose the correct domain name. Remember this: Choose The Correct Domain Name. When so called experts say pick something that represents your interests or hobbies that is correct only to a small extent. After you have chosen what your website is about then you must choose a domain name that is available. However this should never be rushed or you will never see the first page of Google. I always devote more time to choosing my domain name than actually getting the site up. I do extreme keyword research. I research hundreds of keywords and keyword combinations. Google’s keyword tool is a good place to start. What you are looking for is keywords or keyword phrases that lots of people are searching in Google for products and services. When you go to the web you must find that there are no more than three websites competing with you for those keywords. Ideally the monthly searches will be over 500,000 for your keywords.

Once you feel confident with your research you should go to a hosting company and do a domain search with your chosen keywords or phrases. If you have done your research properly you should find a suitable domain name. Do not be afraid to use a domain name that has hyphens. Some of my domains have hyphens in the name. For example: This site is ranked on the first page of Google and in the number one position. This is with 977 million competing websites. I am able to do this consistently because of extensive keyword research. Do not be afraid to use a domain name that might have your keywords in an order that seems illogical. For example: This site is number four on the first page of Google with 352 million competing websites. Remember you want huge monthly searches with little or no competition for your keywords.

 Let’s talk about a domain name. The domain is actually a part of a larger URL address.  There are several types of domain names. The only ones you should be interested in are Top-Level domains. There are a few classes of top level domains. These are the ones you should use.


.com   Communication

.info    Information

.net     Network   

.org     Public Interest

.biz      Business

 These extensions are the only ones I use. They will always rank better than lower level domains. That being said you have a place to start. I hope this helps.

 I use HOSTMONSTER because the support is outstanding. You can also install scripts on your server. GoDaddy for example will not let you install scripts. I do not have many websites hosted there. If you are interested in good hosting go here.

 Eric R. Johnston

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