Email Marketing – It’s Important Stuff
Posted on December 15, 2014
In the world of internet marketing, there is a lot of wiggle room. There are a number of things you can try, adjust, tweak, adjust again, and work out as you go along.

However, there is one key component that I believe is absolutely necessary for your success, no matter what you are selling or how you are selling it. That key component is Email Marketing. It’s simply too powerful to ignore and too simple to not do it.

What I am talking about when it comes to email marketing is the ability to send direct targeted messages to prospect who are already primed to buy from you. They are on your list because they asked to be added to your list and they are already receiving your messages. And it really doesn’t take any extra work on your part to make your email marketing campaign a success.

In my opinion, email marketing is the perfect system and can absolutely increase your sales conversions.

The key is to implement your email marketing strategy successfully, of course. Get it wrong and you can waste a lot of time, burn a lot of messages, and lose prospects. Get it right and your success can grow exponentially.

When you think about it, tools that allow you to automate your tasks are the super affiliate’s best friend. Automation helps you save time, helps create ongoing profits, and helps you free yourself from the day to day grind associated with traditional marketing.

We have all read about those folks who continue to make money while they are on vacation or sleeping. Their secret is that they are using automated systems like email marketing.

Using email marketing systems like allow you to set up systems to collect email addresses, send out messages to those email addresses at pre-determined intervals, and keep track of your open rates and click-through rates. That is powerful information to have for any serious marketer!

Once you have your email marketing system in place, you need to entice people to sign up for your lists once they have visited your web site. The first thing you need is your “bait”. Just like a fisherman that knows that the right bait can help catch more fish, you need to make sure you have a good offer for your web site visitors to make them want to give you their contact information.

The key is to make sure your bait answers the one question on your visitor’s mind:

What’s In It For Me?

Your goal should be to produce some sort of value that makes your visitors willing to give you their contact information. The most successful method I have seen used is the “Free Report” option. This is where you offer your visitors a free report that shows them “How to ….. ” (whatever it may be that your product or service can help them do.

Offering a free report provides a vary valuable and tangible reward (the report itself) and can help you quickly create good will between you and your prospects.

If you aren’t comfortable creating your own free report, it is worth the time and money to have someone create a well written, edited, and formatted report.

Next, great the report up in to multiple sections that can be sent out to your prospects over time. Maybe you set up your autoresponder to send out a section every week or every few days.

Why? This keeps your readers engaged, helps build rapport, and helps your prospects learn to trust you. They are more likely to stay subscribed to your list.

The key is to make sure that your report contains REAL and useful information that your prospects can benefit from.

Once you have your messages set up, the next step is to get people to actually sign up to receive your report. This is where you need a good capture page. This should be a single page that includes the offer and the form your web site visitors will use to subscribe to your list. The form can be added to your existing web site or blog. Or you can use a stand alone capture page like the Hosted Capture Page options available at

But don’t think you can just put up a form and expect visitors to give you their contact information. You should have the following components in place with your signup form:

A Strong Headline: Let them see what they are getting right away.

A Solid Graphic: This visual image excites the senses. It may be an ebook cover or an image designed to create a certain emotional response from your prospect.

Bullet Points: Detail what they will learn from your report. List the benefits your prospect can expect to gain when they receive your free report.

The Signup Form: This is where you ask them to sign up for your list.

It is very easy to sell someone on the idea of giving you their name and email address but the key is to SELL them on the idea. Without these key components, your subscription rate will be dismally low. You may need to test a few headlines and graphics to get the results you are looking for. It is time well spent.

Remember to have your email marketing messages set up in your autoresponder BEFORE you are asking people to sign up.

Once you have your autoresponder messages set up and your capture page ready, your email marketing is automated.

A good email marketing campaign can take your conversion rate to new levels and boost sales in a big way. In my opinion, email marketing is an absolute “must have” for any serious marketer.

Successful internet marketers know this secret and use it consistently to give themselves that competitive edge in the market place.

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